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Regretfully we had a very poor response to this online competition resulting in the following entries:

  • 2 x Novice entries
  • 4 x Intermediate entries
  • 1 x Advance entry

In line with MASA's policy of awarding prizes for every 1 in 4 entries we are unable to request awards for either novice or advance entries which only leaves the four for intermediate and this did not appear fair to us either. So it has been decided to not have this competition adjudicated and only award Viewers Choice Certificates for Novice/Intermediate entries.

We apologise for the poor lack of response and trust that this will in no way affect our members decision to enter further online competitions, community service projects or the annual exhibition. We trust that the next online competition will find more favour with our members or we may need to rethink these if they are no longer being supported.



NOVICE : Elements in Motion by Karin Stanford 

INTERMEDIATE :  Moving Elements - Forest Fall  by Babsie Nienaber




MASA Online Competition 11: Elements in Motion

Started by Donja Leegwater in Mosaics of Interest. Last reply by Karin Stanford Jun 9. 2 Replies

Only 1 month for us to put together our mosaic masterpieces for this competition!I am in the "looking for inspiration stage" at the moment and am trawling through ideas (and discarding them). I hope I'm not the only one struggling to create a design - and stick to it! I have been looking through the MASA photo album to help me, and WOW, I have really found inspiration here!Some of the mosaic artists on the site who have given me food for thought include:- Daleen Edgar.  Her recent post entitled "work in progress" has some beautiful elements-inspiration like the look and feel of hair blowing in the wind and ripples in a pond.- Willie le Roux.  His piece entitled "Swartberg" provides inspiration around the "earth" element and the use of sweeping lines to perhaps create a feeling of motion?- Sonya do Rego.  OK, she is an internationally…Continue

Tags: motion, elements, competition

MASA @ Hobby-X (Johannesburg) 2014

Started by Donja Leegwater in General Interest. Last reply by Abby Bezuidenhout Mar 14. 11 Replies

To all mosaic enthusiasts in Gauteng, my advice to you all is.....GET TO HOBBY-X to see the MASA stand (block E)!We all know that the photos on the site just never really seem to do justice to your work...and this is so evident at the MASA stand! I just helped Cher put finishing touches to the stand on Wednesday afternoon and I was absolutely blown away by every piece of mosaic that we were (kindly) given to put on display. The Portchie mosaics particularly are just mind blowing when you see them in "real life".The whole stand just vibrates with colour, creativity and beauty.If you get a chance, go and see the stand  - you will be so proud to belong to MASA and are sure to be inspired by what you see there.MASA @ Hobby-X (Johannesburg) 2014 AlbumContinue

Tags: Hobby-X

A Special thank you the the MASA Team

Started by Karin Stanford in General Interest. Last reply by MASA Feb 23. 1 Reply

I do not envy the Masa team for all the work that you do and I would like to thank you all so much for the voluntary time you all put into MASA, I think it is great that there are people like you who are prepared to help, guide and arrange everything that you do.  Without MASA we would be floundering along on our own doing our own thing.  I know I need the competitions so that I can learn new techniques, get to know people, see how other interpret a theme and on top of it all I totally enjoy the challenge.  To me it is not always about winning, but the challenge of getting it done in a certain way and within a certain time period.  So once again to the MASA Team a very big thank you.  You are appreciated.Take care, love much and be safe out there.Continue

Competition Rules

Started by Wendy Whitaker in General Interest. Last reply by Karin Wainwright Feb 28. 13 Replies

This is really bothering me - in the rules and guidelines it says.first ,second, third place. Now there's only first place. I feel that second and third place is just as good as first - it gives you something to work towards in next competition, but now there's only first place. I don't feel and cant explain the word to work on the next competition as Ii now I wont come if there's only first place.Does any one feel the same?You always had 1,2,3 in every competition I've  done with MASA!.Continue


March 1


October 11


Blog Posts

How I make wine last...

Posted by Allison Samantha Adams-Witbooi on June 11, 2014 at 20:00 0 Comments

Want to know how I make my wine last? First, here's my story...

After all the excitement of crushing grapes, we watch (and taste!) the babies (juice) ferment into young adults (wine). Once all settled in, we monitor (and taste!) the maturation process to the point that they are ready to leave their vessels, after which, the part which inspires me most comes in: The art of blending.

Blending of wines are done for various reasons. For me, it means the blending of components in…


First Grouted Mosaic.....Done!

Posted by Donja Leegwater on June 5, 2014 at 10:30 4 Comments

After 3 years of studiously avoiding grout in my mosaics, I finally took the plunge and made a grouted piece for the Bouquet for the Elderly project (piece entitled "flower1").

I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.  It was so easy to grout (thanks to Thomas for his excellent advice and tips in this area)...and it has such a great "mud pies" feeling to it - took me straight back to childhood.

The grout made such a difference to the piece, highlighting the lines of the…



Posted by El-Maree van Zweel on May 4, 2014 at 10:26 4 Comments

In 2013, I saw a very attractive and detailed piece of mosaic on the glassworks island of Murano in Venice (see photo's). Upon enquiring from the shop assistant as to the identity of the artist, I was told that they were not sure who she was, but that she was from Ravenna, "...the heart of mosaic artistry in Italy...". This surprised me, as it was in fact the first time I had taken notice of Ravenna and its place in the history of mosaic, but now…


Bouquet for the elderly

Posted by Karin Stanford on April 8, 2014 at 9:30 2 Comments

Inspired by the launch of this community service project, I thought I would share the following extract from a poem I have kept close to me for a long time.....

And I think of the years and the love that I've known.

I'm now an old woman ...and nature is cruel;

'Tis jest to make old age look like a fool.

The body, it crumbles, grace and vigour depart,

There is now a stone where I once had a heart.…


All fired up for "bouquet for the elderly"

Posted by Donja Leegwater on March 17, 2014 at 9:31 4 Comments

I am feeling all inspired by the bouquet for the elderly project that is currently in progress and have decided to set myself 2 personal challenges for this project:

1. First "real thing" mosaic and

2. First use of grout in one of my mosaics.

My usual mosaic work is more on the abstract side because I have a fear of trying to mosaic "real things".  Having zero art training or experience (other than the RTFM (read the flippin' manual) kind) I just know that any…



Posted by Tina Schilling on March 3, 2014 at 10:30 0 Comments

Hi Masa...
I am still here believe it or not...not done much mosaicing work but still want to be a member.....xx


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